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There are many offerings for building plots in Canada on the market. But there are only a few good enough for the purchasers point of view. Our Kings Lake and Third Lake Resort with its location and possabilities brings you the neccessary security as future Owner of a vacation property.

Canada – No. 1
According to UNO-statistics and evaluations Canada has been declared the best country on earth regarding: the safety of the citizens, the great freedom, the excellent education- and health-system, the quality of life and positive prospects.

The right of possession is documented in the Canadian register of land property. You become possessor of your bought and by surveying clearly defined and in nature visible property.

The access is guaranteed by legal provision, following partly over own property’s land, partly over foreign land, guaranteed by rights documented in the Canadian register of land property.

As owner of the property you are free to sell, to endow, to bequeath or even to encumber by registry of land property.

We offer distinct legal security, no not transparent juridical constructions like “Time Sharing” or whatever other forms of rights of use. Many satisfied clients can confirm these facts over years.

Additional we offer free assistance for all necessary contacts to authorities, offices, etc. and also consultation and maintenance for our clients. We could also build your dreamhouse or let you participate in our good contacts.

Till now the acquisition of land by foreigners is still possible in Nova Scotia.

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