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INFORMATION - Nova Scotia Canada

Nova Scotia is one of the Atlantic Provinces situated at the latitude of South-France. The weather in winter is mild and nice and warm in the summer. The speciality of seasons is the “indian summer” in autumn with the most magnificent colouring of the broadleaf wood. The Gulf-Stream influences the mild climate. Water temperatures of 22°C in the Atlantic and up to about 26°C in the lakes invite to swimming.

PURE NATURE - forests and hills, sandy beaches and rocky coasts, moors and tundra. The landscape is as manifold as the possibilities for excursions. Cape Breton islands is the home of moose and eagle. Bays along the atlantic coast are ideal for sailing and sea-canoeing. In the Bay of Fundy, the home of whales, dolphins and porpoises, the greatest tidal difference between low and high tide with up to 18 metres is registered, a phenomenal natural spectactle.
FAUNA UND FLORA - natural environment houses a great variety of life. In the forests with the many rivers, creeks and lakes live white-tailed deer, black bear and fox. Beavers build their dams across rivers, eagles and hawks fly over nameless lakes and turtles sunbathe on the rocks. An unforgettable adventure: watching humpback- and minkwhales in the deep-sea, numerous bird- and seal-colonies on some of the islands or the nesting of the white-head eagle.
FESTIVALS - everywhere in Nova Scotia some sort of festival is going on. Breathtaking the “International Tattoo”, smaller but just as nice the “Caledonia Ox-Pull”, showing rural country spirit. The nicest festivities happen between friends with grilled fish, fresh lobster and mussels, self harvested.

CITY LIVE - the romantic international harbour of Halifax is the second-largest natural harbour of the world, the only ice-free one of Canada at the Atlantic. Together with Dartmouth they house about 400.000 inhabitans. Parks, allees, historic sites, excellent restaurants, galeries, street-cafes and more promise nice city-life.From Halifax airport there are international connections to the most important cities of Europe: London, Frankfurt, Munich within about 6 to 7 hours flying time; New York, Montreal and Toronto within about 1½ to 2¼ hours.

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